100 Deadly Days

by fire island, AK

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released July 23, 2010

KORG KP2, Audible Disease Infection IN-2, reverb pedal,
delay pedal, loop pedal, percussion, vocals, tapes,
saxophone, guitar, mics

recorded / compiled JUNE 2010, Spartanburg, SC
originally released on SOLAR ∆ LUXURIANCE, edition of 25



all rights reserved


fire island, AK Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Somewhere in between the homemade industrial gristle of Wolf Eyes, damaged basement black metal ambience and the mysterious blackened textures of Prurient's recent output [... F]ans of disquieting graveyard drift and occult basement industro-buzz should check this guy out." - CRUCIAL BLAST RECORDS

"Anchorage's major bummer kingpin" - FM Dust
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Track Name: 100 DEADLY DAYS
forget about last night
and every night beforehand
in the morning
a white ring'd halo on the toilet seat
last night's spunk crept out
it's beautiful
it's right there
it's right there
imagining septic tanks full of young boys
full of whole planets' worth of halflings
every five feet a shallow unmarked grave
(100 deadly days)
(100 deadly days)
i remember how to drink
and to fight
and to sit in the corner and sweat
and to sit in the dark
and i know how to make a pyramid
(top to bottom like gay sex)
one thousand men are shamed by these lips
(can you feel my heart beating?)
summer comes on like a cheap drunk
(hard and fast)
summer comes like a cheap drunk
(too soon, sticky, disgusting)
there's a club where you'd like to go,
you could meet somebody wholly uninteresting
(so you go and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own, and you go home, and you cry and you want to die)

let me be rough with you
that's more than you deserve
(more than you understand)
a simple means of working out aggression
(against me, against you)
dealing with the heavy shit
dealing with the fucking rubbish
(it's hard to own up and take the blame for being a nervous gibbering wreck)
i don't have to
i don't
i don't have to

the light chases your flailing balls
i can't keep from laughing
(naked, running for your life)
i turn the radio up
it almost looks like you're singing
(blackbird singing in the dead of night)
i watch your face as the wheel catches your foot
you look like you're laughing hysterically