1. MPLS MMXIV: Minneapolis Noise Circa 2014

  2. live aktions [i.-ix.]

  3. for Antonio
    fire island, AK / M Kitchell

  4. split
    Transitional Species / fire island, AK

  5. Mapplethorpe
    Straight Panic

  6. Breathing Signal / Fire Island, AK
    Breathing Signal / fire island, AK

  7. Jouissance
    Straight Panic

  8. Sling
    Straight Panic

  9. Stalker
    Straight Panic

  10. Straight Panic
    Straight Panic

  11. Mass Harakiri / fire island, AK
    Mass Harakiri / fire island, AK

  12. fire island, AK / Anthony Amelang
    fire island, AK / Anthony Amelang

  13. fire island, AK / Dead Actress
    fire island, AK / Dead Actress

  14. fire island, AK / Redneck
    fire island, AK / Redneck

  15. fire island, AK vs. S.L.
    fire island, AK vs. S.L.


  17. Rotten to the Core

  18. wait.

  19. Leviathan Dirges

  20. Empty Lot


  22. Vampires Want Your Daughters, Werewolves Want Your Sons

  23. Desire

  24. As Cold As The Grave

  25. White Lighter

  26. The Jester As Victim

  27. After Many A Summer Dies The Swan

  28. (split with Zionist)
    fire island, AK / Zionist

  29. Shall I Come To You With A Whip Or In Love With A Gentle Spirit
    fire island, AK / Richard Ramirez

  30. Skymall Split Cassingle Series Vol. 3
    EXHUMED CORPSE / fire island, AK

  31. Trench Foot & Mouth

  32. Haunted Wallpaper
    Pray For Triangle Zero vs. fire island, AK

  33. Southern Discomfort

  34. One Day These Kids

  35. fire island, AK + Where Is This
    fire island, AK + Where Is This

  36. Roman Ghosts

  37. אדם

  38. Dweller on the Threshold
    Voltaic Omen / fire island, AK

  39. Extravagantes

  40. Slave

  41. Horns for Maldoror

  42. 100 Deadly Days

  43. Perchta

  44. A Loss of Days

  45. Thee Vastness Ov

  46. In This Place

  47. Failure of Self

  48. Recycled Music

  49. Albert Fish

  50. Guilt

  51. World of Flesh / World of Bone

  52. Murmur & Belial

  53. Prakhûrz dhak dushatâr Uruk-hai-ob
    Ugadhol Ghaash Ala-aska


fire island, AK Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Somewhere in between the homemade industrial gristle of Wolf Eyes, damaged basement black metal ambience and the mysterious blackened textures of Prurient's recent output [... F]ans of disquieting graveyard drift and occult basement industro-buzz should check this guy out." - CRUCIAL BLAST RECORDS

"Anchorage's major bummer kingpin" - FM Dust
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